Carandhomeinsurance helps you save

We are completely independent from our partners. This means we put the interests of you, the users of our site first.

*It is important to note that we receive R0 of your insurance premium as commission. We receive a marketing payment that comes out of a marketing budget. Because it is through a marketing channel, we also can get you better deals than if you go directly!

Choosing the right partners:

We firmly believe that if you are able to get quick and efficient service as well as the cheapest quotes from our partners then your needs will be served.

Insurance Broker
We found a broker that caters for both ends of the market and everyone in-between. Whether you are starting out in life and own a second hand car or you own your own company and have multiple assets to insure – our Broker will find the right premium for you.

Direct Insurers
We have partnered with South Africa’s largest Direct Insurance Companies –Budget and Dial Direct. These companies have led the way of late when it comes to innovation and speed, and have become the model of choice for the younger generation.

How we chose our partners:


We tested our partners against all the other leading Insurers and found that they gave us the most competitive quotes around.


Efficiency, reliability and claims handling are all part of the formula we put together to find you the best deal. We also make sure our partners provide you with extra benefits like lower (fixed) excesses and no-claim bonuses.

In summary

As we are able to get you quotes from 9 independent insurance companies (each with their own ratings model), we are confident that you will find cheaper insurance by using Carandhomeinsurance.